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South Asia Mission

We strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in India.

Meet Lanka Suresh

I am Lanka Suresh, son of Sri Adinarayana and Parvathy of Hanuman Junction Village of Bapulapadu Mandal. I have one younger sister and brother. We are all studying at the ICM School right from LKG. Now I am in Grade 9 in ICM Jubilee High School, Hanuman Junction. I come from a poor Hindu family, but due to free education, we are able to study. The Bishop and the other officers are very kind with us. I am very much interested in studying for higher education.

Meet Neelapu Beaulah

I am Neelapu Beulah, daughter of John Babu and Paramjyothi, a poor agricultural labourer. I am a resident of Hanuman Junction. I have a younger sister, studying Grade 8 in the same school. We both were educated in the ICM Jubilee Primary School in Hanuman Junction. I am a student in Grade 9 of ICM Jubilee High School, Hanuman Junction. I am getting a free education from the school. The management is very keen about our studies. We have evening tuition classes also for free. Many number of poor students are studying and getting better education than the other corporate paid schools around Hanuman Junction. I will study well by utilizing the services of our school and help my parents.

These children are only 2 of 2400 students.