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South Asia Mission

We strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in India.

Church Building Projects

Many of the churches in the ICM Jurisdiction in Andhra Pradesh are over 90 years old. They require reconstruction and much work to remain in use. By God's grace, we have a number of areas where land has been donated for the building of simple village churches!


$3000 CAD to build one church

Please see below for some examples of church building projects over the years. Prayerfully consider how you can help in this noble endeavour.

Arivinekkalam Village Church

In 2011, a short-term mission trip team from Toronto visited this uncompleted church. Ms. Cynthia Chan graciously sponsored the completion of this building.

Veeravalli Village Church

In 2011, Dr. Ken Tung of Toronto agreed to sponsor the completion of Veeravalli Village Church. He is pictured here with the pastor of this congregation, Reverend Yesu Padam.

Chavalipadu Village Church

The picture below shows the early construction of a new church building in Chavalipadu Village, which is 1km away from Lokumudi, India. Chavalipadu Village Church has one of the oldest congregations in India (over 80 years). Over the past few years, the church building became old and unsafe to use. We have started the construction of a new building by raising local funds. This is the extent that was reached.

This project requires another $1700 CAD to be completed.

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Head Church in Eluru, India

The main church in Eluru, India was considered unsafe after 90 years of use. The new church building is in progress. Many have sacrificially given to this project.

This project requires another $5000 CAD to be completed.

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