We have recently partnered with God Cares
International (GCI). Please donate at this link:

South Asia Mission

We strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in India.

Canuck Institute of Learning (CIoL)
Bhogolu, India

Starting in 2016

South Asia Mission (SAM) is working with God Cares International (GCI), a Canadian-based non-profit organization to build a Christian-based boarding school in Bhogolu, India. The local implementation will be via ICM, and the school will be called Canuck Institute of Learning (CIoL).

Our Appeal

Start-Up Fees: Approximately $150,000 CAD

This approximate was determined by a local engineer and includes 3 phases:

1. Underground digging, bore wells.

2. Construction of walls.

3. Flooring, elevations, electricity, plumbing.

Please donate.

*Please specify donations for "CIoL" when donating via the online portal (GCI/CanadaHelps)

*If you intend to donate to any other SAM ministry via the online portal, please specify which other ministry or indicate "Generic Fund"

Updates (As of August 2016)

(1) Donations are already underway! We have received approximately 20% of our start-up fees (for Phase 1).
(2) Various local programs have been conducted by Bishop John (India) to increase the awareness and objectives of the CIoL. See pictures below.