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South Asia Mission

We strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in India.

Tripura Native Missions

Tripura is a state in the Northeastern part of India, next to Bangladesh. It is situated in one of the poorest parts of the Asian continent.

The gospel is reaching the Reang people group of the hill tribes and they are come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in large numbers. Reverend John Reang (pictured below) is the mission leader in Tripura and has had great success in reaching rural villagers with the gospel of Christ.

Our Appeal

The Tripura Mission has developed about 115 volunteer evangelists and church workers. They visit non-Christians, conduct home Bible studies, and set up home churches. Much more can be done if we, as Christians, are able to support our Reang brothers and sisters in Christ in their work.


$335 CAD/month per 10 missionaries

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