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South Asia Mission

We strive to be the hands and feet of Christ in India.

St. Andrew's Theological College

St. Andrew's Theological College (SATC) is run by an Evangelical Church throughout the 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh. SATC is affiliated with Latimer Hall School of Divinity in Statesville, NC. SATC was started in 1915 and maintained from 1915-1955 by ICM. Due to financial constraints however, it was not re-opened until 2006 by gracious aid from USA and other Western countries.

Our Appeal

1. Books and other training supplies for students.

$50 CAD/student

2. Funds to construct proper buildings so that SATC can move from the current Diocesan Headquarters into a more appropriate and functional site.

$15,000 CAD

3. Rebuild library.

$1000 CAD

4. ICM fees to run SATC and for recurring expenses (eg. building fees, electricity, teachers).

$350 CAD/month

Please consider supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ who seek to gain a better understanding of God's Word in order to serve and glorify Jesus. SATC offers a 1-year CTh (Certificate of Theology) and a 2-year BTh (Bachelor of Theology).

Please donate!